drifting off memories...

tori nicole . eightteen . freshman . cypress college . licensed . tahitian dancer . te varua ori . daughter . sister . aunty of four . bestfriend of three .

made a new tumblr. got sick of this one so yeahh :) 

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My samoan fever is really cooling down… 

forealll <|3 :(


but im a sucker for one with long hair :)

Girls nails night

Girls nails night



Dayvid Thomas-Rising Samoan Artist. Ground UP! 

ive had the biggest crush on this nigga for the longest and it breaks my heart that hes going out with my friends ex girlfrienddd 

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this shit is SICK!

this shit is SICK!

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foreal doe

foreal doe

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what do you do when you gotta boy head over heals for you but your 100% not interested in him, never were, but hes pretty cool to hang out with and rolls in the same crowd as you? esp when he got cute friends that now seem off limits cause his ass dont shut the eff up about you so they be thinking “tori and _________”  BOO YOU!

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I think we’re all hypocritical when it comes down to being w/ someone. Our heart is talking when it comes to taking them back or not.

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